Valsal / Ido Suave / Boy OT

Aid Vllasaliu, founder of Antiphase, has seen success in various musical projects such as the international ultra hit Boneless by Steve Aoki / Chris Lake / Tujamo which has been used in several Hollywood films and TV Shows.

Following the success of Boneless, he was offered to work on several ghost production projects which ended up becoming enormously successful as well.

After hanging around behind the scenes of the music industry for two full years working on ghost productions, Aid decided to cut ties with all his ghosts and expand his own business which is slowly bleeding into various music related fields, such as publishing, management, software and hardware development for music software and music related politics.

Antiphase is cooperating with the Swedish government to enable free and easy access to music related literature, education and recording studios for the Swedish society as we think that art is a human right and can solve many mental issues that are a product of our ever increasing isolation from the world caused by too much focus on social media.

When all else fails, music will lift you back up.

I want Antiphase to be for the music industry what Elon Musk and SpaceX is for the space industry.